Pahlish: Wilde

Pahlish, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 13 September 2020

6 polishes

A collection inspired by dark fairy tales and haunted woods


swatch pahlish afterglow 2

Afterglow features a desaturated plum purple base with red/pink/gold shifting shimmer. In the bottle I was really excited about the beautiful base color, but on the nail the rosy shimmer becomes much stronger and kind of takes over. Oddly enough, at certain angles the polish overall takes on a brownish-bronze tone.

2 coats + top coat

swatch pahlish afterglow 3swatch pahlish afterglow 4swatch pahlish afterglow 6swatch pahlish afterglow 7swatch pahlish afterglow 8


swatch pahlish starborne 2

Starborne features an undersaturated army green base with strong red/orange/green shifting multichrome shimmer. The warm-colored shimmer warms up the base green color nicely. It reminds me of Pahlish’s Breath of the Wild, although that green base was more blue-toned, and this shade is more red-toned, if that makes sense.

3 coats + top coat

swatch pahlish starborne 3swatch pahlish starborne 4swatch pahlish starborne 5swatch pahlish starborne 7swatch pahlish starborne 8


swatch pahlish persephone 2

First of the two new gold flake polishes! Persephone is a deep eggplant crelly filled with crushed gold flakes. Such a beautiful, sophisticated shade! Shannon teased some new fall additions to the gold flake line, and this one surpasses any expectation I had.

3 coats + top coat

swatch pahlish persephone 3swatch pahlish persephone 4swatch pahlish persephone 5

Wild Lands

swatch pahlish wild lands 2

The other gold flake is Wild Lands, a saturated medium green crelly base with gold flakes. This one has great coverage, and two coats was easily enough for full opacity. The green base is so pigmented that the gold flakes kind of take on a tinge of green instead of contrasting against the base color.

2 coats + top coat

swatch pahlish wild lands 3swatch pahlish wild lands 4swatch pahlish wild lands 5

Fairy Ring

swatch pahlish fairy ring 2

Fairy Ring features a teal green jelly base with mixed iridescent flakes (the predominant one having a red/green shift) and platinum silver flakes. Those silver flakes have a stunning shine, but it doesn’t photograph well because it’s so shiny and reflective. So I have a photo in diffused lighting to try to show this polish better. It’s prettier IRL. The color of the jelly base is also difficult to photograph, but it’s a teal that leans more green. It might be showing a little too blue on your screen.

Since the base is quite sheer and there is a lot of stuff packed in, I definitely recommend doing even coats and letting each coat dry well to prevent the flakies from dragging around.

3 coats + top coat

swatch pahlish fairy ring 3swatch pahlish fairy ring 5swatch pahlish fairy ring 6swatch pahlish fairy ring 7

I added a matte top coat to better showcase all the flakes. You can really see all the flakes like this in real life, even with a glossy top coat instead of matte.

swatch pahlish fairy ring 9swatch pahlish fairy ring 10


swatch pahlish silkspun 3

And the last polish is Silkspun, which features a gold/green/blue multichrome set in a deep purple base. The resting gold state of the multichrome glows out against the dark base, but as it shifts through to blue, the deep purple base becomes more apparent. I just love this combination of pigment and base color, and for that reason I’d recommend trying to apply this color in two thicker coats instead of three thinner coats to keep the purple base color as apparent as possible. Applying in more coats tends to darken the base color to a plain black, which isn’t as exciting. Love this one!

2 coats + top coat

swatch pahlish silkspun 4swatch pahlish silkspun 5swatch pahlish silkspun 6swatch pahlish silkspun 7swatch pahlish silkspun 8

My favorites of this collection are the multichromatic Silkspun and the deep purple gold flakie Persephone.

The Wilde collection releases on September 13 at 7pm Central. All shades are $12.


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