Ethereal x Matterhorn: Blue Raspberry

Ethereal Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these products free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 26 June 2020

1 polish + 1 multi-use oil

A duo inspired by blue raspberry

Ethereal: Blue Raspberry

swatch ethereal blue raspberry 1

I was expecting one of Ethereal’s signature super-shimmer formulas, where the base is sheer and the shimmer completely takes over. But this is a more classic shimmer polish, with a relatively opaque creme base. The shimmer is still lovely and strong, as we’ve come to expect from Ethereal! I would describe the base color as a darker periwinkle, and the shimmer shifts red/green.

The formula is on the thicker side, which allows me to obtain opacity in two coats. As is, the formula has some trouble self-leveling, so you’ll want to work carefully. If you prefer a thinner formula, you may want to add some polish thinner.

2 coats + top coat

swatch ethereal blue raspberry 2swatch ethereal blue raspberry 3swatch ethereal blue raspberry 4swatch ethereal blue raspberry 5swatch ethereal blue raspberry 6swatch ethereal blue raspberry 7

Matterhorn: Blue Raspberry

swatch ethereal blue raspberry oil 1

The Blue Raspberry scent seems to have morphed a bit in the time since I received it. At first, the scent strongly reminded me of a blue raspberry-flavored yogurt, or just like some kind of fruity dairy product. But more recently a sharper, more acidic note more reminiscent of fresh, real raspberries has emerged, which is much more pleasant to me. I look forward to seeing/smelling if it continues to morph!

Matterhorn’s oils are multi-use and work well for beards, hair, nails, cuticles, etc. It is not recommended as a face oil due to the presence of fragrances.

I personally like to use it in my hair after a wash. My hair is very fine and razor-straight, and since I haven’t cut it any time recently, it’s grown past my waist. I don’t know if it’s given any tangible benefits to my hair health or anything like that (I’ve never done anything fancy to my hair and couldn’t tell healthy hair from unhealthy hair beyond split ends LOL), but I like how it gives my hair some more silkiness, and I also like the soft scent that lingers around for a while. I don’t use fragrances normally, so I suppose this is what perfume also does? I dunno. I like to squeeze a generous amount (third, maybe half a dropperful) over my fingers and run that through the bottom half of my hair (I don’t really need anything near my scalp), and repeat a few times until I’m happy.

swatch ethereal blue raspberry oil 2swatch ethereal blue raspberry oil 3

This duo will be available for preorder at Matterhorn’s website starting June 26 at 11am Eastern time.



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