Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Birthday Collection

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 1 September 2020

18 + 3 polishes

Femme Fatale is celebrating their 10th anniversary with three collections themed around celebration! Each collection contains six polishes. All eighteen of these polishes come in gorgeous, specially-made rainbow boxes! (The three other polishes in this post will not come in rainbow boxes; the COTM/FOTM will come in the regular white boxes, and the Customer Appreciation gift shade will come in the deluxe black box).

I used three coats for all polishes and a glossy top coat to finish.

The Cake collection polishes all feature a linear holo finish with a strong shimmer. All formulas were easy to work with.

Buttercream Rose

swatch ff buttercream rose 1swatch ff buttercream rose 2swatch ff buttercream rose 3swatch ff buttercream rose 4swatch ff buttercream rose 5swatch ff buttercream rose 6swatch ff buttercream rose 7

Counting Candles

swatch ff counting candles 1

Three coats are shown, but two was super close. Fantastic coverage and amazing shimmer glow.

swatch ff counting candles 2swatch ff counting candles 3swatch ff counting candles 4swatch ff counting candles 5swatch ff counting candles 6swatch ff counting candles 7

Funfetti Glaze

swatch ff funfetti glaze 1swatch ff funfetti glaze 2swatch ff funfetti glaze 3swatch ff funfetti glaze 4swatch ff funfetti glaze 5swatch ff funfetti glaze 6swatch ff funfetti glaze 7

Royal Icing

swatch ff royal icing 1swatch ff royal icing 2swatch ff royal icing 3swatch ff royal icing 4swatch ff royal icing 5swatch ff royal icing 6swatch ff royal icing 7

Sparkler Burst

swatch ff sparkler burst 1swatch ff sparkler burst 2swatch ff sparkler burst 3swatch ff sparkler burst 4swatch ff sparkler burst 5swatch ff sparkler burst 6swatch ff sparkler burst 7

Sugar High

swatch ff sugar high 1swatch ff sugar high 2swatch ff sugar high 3swatch ff sugar high 4swatch ff sugar high 5swatch ff sugar high 6swatch ff sugar high 7

The Candlelight collection polishes are sheerer bases with contrasting shifting shimmer and silver holographic flakes. These polishes are a little sheerer, but I was satisfied with three coats of all six. All formulas were easy to work with.

Delightful Dreams

swatch ff delightful dreams 1swatch ff delightful dreams 2swatch ff delightful dreams 3swatch ff delightful dreams 4swatch ff delightful dreams 5swatch ff delightful dreams 6swatch ff delightful dreams 7

Good Cheer

swatch ff good cheer 1swatch ff good cheer 2swatch ff good cheer 3swatch ff good cheer 4swatch ff good cheer 5swatch ff good cheer 6swatch ff good cheer 7

Special Moments

swatch ff special moments 1swatch ff special moments 2swatch ff special moments 3swatch ff special moments 4swatch ff special moments 5swatch ff special moments 6swatch ff special moments 7

Sweet and Joyous

swatch ff sweet and joyous 1swatch ff sweet and joyous 2swatch ff sweet and joyous 3swatch ff sweet and joyous 4swatch ff sweet and joyous 5swatch ff sweet and joyous 6swatch ff sweet and joyous 7

Time for Cake!

swatch ff time for cake! 1swatch ff time for cake! 2swatch ff time for cake! 3swatch ff time for cake! 4swatch ff time for cake! 5swatch ff time for cake! 6swatch ff time for cake! 7

Warm Wishes

swatch ff warm wishes 1swatch ff warm wishes 2swatch ff warm wishes 3swatch ff warm wishes 4swatch ff warm wishes 5swatch ff warm wishes 6swatch ff warm wishes 7

The Confetti collection polishes are all microglitter bombs! Some of them also have prominent color-shifting shimmer.

All of these polishes had great glitter formulas. I had no trouble getting full coverage in three coats, plus two coats of top coat for a smooth finish.

Balloon Pop

swatch ff balloon pop 1swatch ff balloon pop 2swatch ff balloon pop 3swatch ff balloon pop 4swatch ff balloon pop 5swatch ff balloon pop 6swatch ff balloon pop 7

Party Popper

swatch ff party popper 1swatch ff party popper 2swatch ff party popper 3swatch ff party popper 4swatch ff party popper 5swatch ff party popper 6swatch ff party popper 7

Petal Shower

swatch ff petal shower 1swatch ff petal shower 2swatch ff petal shower 3swatch ff petal shower 4swatch ff petal shower 5swatch ff petal shower 6swatch ff petal shower 7


swatch ff pinata 1swatch ff pinata 2swatch ff pinata 3swatch ff pinata 4swatch ff pinata 5swatch ff pinata 6swatch ff pinata 7

Sequin Scatters

swatch ff sequin scatters 1swatch ff sequin scatters 2swatch ff sequin scatters 3swatch ff sequin scatters 4swatch ff sequin scatters 5swatch ff sequin scatters 6swatch ff sequin scatters 7

Streamer Swirl

swatch ff streamer swirl 1swatch ff streamer swirl 2swatch ff streamer swirl 3swatch ff streamer swirl 4swatch ff streamer swirl 5swatch ff streamer swirl 6swatch ff streamer swirl 7

Also releasing alongside the Birthday collection are the regular monthlies as well as a customer appreciation shade that will only be available as a gift. All three share an adorable rainbow glitter jelly/crelly finish.

COTM: Dance Party

swatch ff dance party 1

This polish is the only one in this entire post of 21 polishes that has a difficult formula. The jelly base is rather sheer and does not want to be applied evenly. I recommend thicker coats, but work quickly to try to smooth out each layer before adding the next, but I did try to do a thinner last coat to try to let more of the cute glitters show through. This one’s application is not for the faint of heart. Ultimately you see 3 coats + a partial fourth just to cover up some patchiness, plus two coats of top coat. I hate to say that it was tough, because ultimately the result is very adorable.

swatch ff dance party 2swatch ff dance party 3swatch ff dance party 4swatch ff dance party 5swatch ff dance party 6

FOTM: Tea Party

swatch ff tea party 1

I was nervous about this one after the above polish, but thankfully the formula on this one is so much better, which is slightly odd considering it is a pastel. But it applies evenly and is easy to work with even in thin coats. I think I did 3-4 coats, probably a fourth on some nails just to even out any tiny remaining bits of patchiness. But each coat was easy to paint on and there was no fighting.

All 2021 FOTM polishes have had a portion of their sales donated to charity, and this one is no different in that aspect. However, Sophie has personally chosen this month’s charity to be Lymphona Australia in honor of her father. He is deeply intertwined with the birth of Femme Fatale, and so I completely understand Sophie’s decision to honor him at FF’s 10th birthday. I hope she shares the longer version so that you can understand in her own words.

“Given that we are celebrating such a big milestone of 10 years in business, it is important to me that this month I can contribute to a charity that holds personal ties to me. We will be contributing $3 of direct Dance Party sales; and $2 of wholesale Dance Party sales, to Lymphoma Australia as an ‘In Memory Donation’ for my father, Jon Broadbent.”

swatch ff tea party 2swatch ff tea party 3swatch ff tea party 4swatch ff tea party 5swatch ff tea party 6

Customer Appreciation Shade: Surprise Party

swatch ff surprise party 1

Happy to report this one also has a fantastic crelly formula! Three easy coats.

This shade is the customer appreciation shade. It is only available with a minimum purchase of $50AUD of nail polish directly from Femme Fatale’s website (not through stockists, before shipping fees and after any discounts). It will be available throughout September. It will automatically be added for free to all qualifying orders!

swatch ff surprise party 2swatch ff surprise party 3swatch ff surprise party 4swatch ff surprise party 5swatch ff surprise party 6

The Birthday collection releases for preorder on September 1 at 9am AEST.

cake collage text

candlelight collage text

confetti collage text

complete collage

Femme Fatale is also running promotions and sales throughout September to celebrate! Be sure to check out the site and the FB fan page for more info!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics: http://www.femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/

Facebook fan group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/841072659271220/

One thought on “Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Birthday Collection

  1. These swatch pics are absolutely stunning! I feel like they could be framed and displayed on a wall in a nail room, any room really. Really looking forward to getting these anniversary polishes.


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