Polished Gamers Box: Nov 2020 Diablo

Ethereal Lacquer, MTK Design, Polished Gamers Box, PR

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Sale period: 15-20 November 2020

2 polishes (in this post)

This month’s Polished Gamers Box (PGB) brings us polishes inspired by video game Diablo.

Ethereal: Arcane Magic

swatch ethereal arcane magic 1

Arcane Magic features a warm purple base with an intense magenta shimmer and soft linear holo. The shimmer shifts further to orange and even a bit of green at a very extreme angle. The linear holo doesn’t throw a strong rainbow flame–it kind of just adds some visual texture. The shimmer against this base color is very lovely.

2 coats + top coat

swatch ethereal arcane magic 2swatch ethereal arcane magic 3swatch ethereal arcane magic 5

MTK Design: Chill of the Grove

swatch mtk chill of the grove 1

Chill of the Grove features a thermal jelly base that transitions between a light blue when warm and a darker blue when cold. It also has blue/purple shifting iridescent shimmers and flakes. The overall look is quite icy and winter-appropriate.

3 coats + top coat

swatch mtk chill of the grove 2swatch mtk chill of the grove 4swatch mtk chill of the grove 5swatch mtk chill of the grove 3

The November 2020 Polished Gamers Box shop opens on November 15 at noon Mountain time.

Polished Gamers Box: https://polishedgamersbox.com/

Facebook fan group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/polishedgamers

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