Femme Fatale Cosmetics: White Witch Vol. 2

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 1 November 2020

12 polishes

The White Witch collection from Femme Fatale is the stuff of legends. Many FF fiendlings were born of the beauties of the original release, and many others have spent big bucks to obtain some of the treasures of this collection when it was discontinued. But everyone is back, along with a three-polish extension. This collection is packed full of signature FF flourishes: ‘weird’ color combinations that just work, bombastic glitters, intricate shades and sparkle.

Hundred Years Winter

swatch ff hundred years winter 2

I’m starting off with a much-beloved polish. Hundred Years Winter has come back by popular request before, and it’s absolutely clear why. This polish features a dusty purple-grey base with a striking turquoise duochrome shimmer. Everybody needs a purple-grey in their arsenal for winter, and this polish with its icy shimmer overlay fits the bill perfectly.

The formula almost paints itself, and there are absolutely no issues with streaking. Lovely lovely lovely…

2 coats + top coat

swatch ff hundred years winter 4swatch ff hundred years winter 5swatch ff hundred years winter 6swatch ff hundred years winter 7

Her Imperial Majesty

swatch ff her imperial majesty 2

Her Imperial Majesty is another lovely purple, this time filled with a complex array of shimmers and flecks that shift pink/gold/green. The purple shade is soft but deep, and some shimmers add visual texture while others catch the light beautifully.

2 coats + top coat

swatch ff her imperial majesty 4swatch ff her imperial majesty 5swatch ff her imperial majesty 6swatch ff her imperial majesty 7

The Secret of Secrets

swatch ff the secret of secrets 2

The Secret of Secrets features a taupe-beige base with a strong copper shimmer and copper microglitters, as well as the last of now-discontinued copper/gold/green shifting flakes. Because of the ingredient constraint, this will be the last time this shade is made. The copper glow is stronger than I could photograph, and the metallic flakes really create almost a rainbow of color. It felt like the longer I looked at my nails the more colors I could pick out. At first glance this shade looks like a kicked-up neutral, but there’s something hypnotizing about the array of colors it truly contains.

3 coats + top coat

swatch ff the secret of secrets 3swatch ff the secret of secrets 5swatch ff the secret of secrets 6swatch ff the secret of secrets 7

Lion’s Breath

swatch ff lion's breath 1

I’ve been chasing this shade ever since I saw a photo of it, but I’d given up hope of finding a transitioning bottle since the thermal would be five years old at this point. So imagine my utter delight at seeing this collection come back with this shade! A brown thermal! And inspired by Aslan at that! Ugh it’s perfect. Lion’s Breath transitions between brown when cool and clear when warm, and it is filled with various sizes of golden holographic glitter. Absolute stunner of a shade, and I can perfectly imagine Aslan breathing life back into Narnia. The glitters are so dense that even in the fully warm state I don’t think much VNL will be visible.

3 coats + 2 coats of top coat

swatch ff lion's breath 2swatch ff lion's breath 3swatch ff lion's breath 4swatch ff lion's breath 5

White Witch’s House

swatch ff white witch's house 2

This shade was not part of the 2015 collection, but it was released as part of the 2020 Enchanted Fables Location installation from February this year. I chose to reswatch it so my photos are consistent throughout this blog post ๐Ÿ˜ White Witch’s House is a silver packed full of silver holographic flakes, flecks, and silver chrome flakes. This formula covers perfectly in two coats, although I recommend pressing down any stray flakes with a gentle finger before adding top coat to minimize texture.

2 coats + top coat

swatch ff white witch's house 3swatch ff white witch's house 5swatch ff white witch's house 4

The First Northern Witch

swatch ff the first northern witch 2

The First Northern Witch features a cold grey base with copper shimmer, gold microflakes, and various metallic microglitters in silver, gold, and bronze. This is such a stunning neutral color packed full of metallic goodies.

2-3 coats + top coat

swatch ff the first northern witch 3swatch ff the first northern witch 4swatch ff the first northern witch 5

This polish is the first of the four polishes I have the original versions of, so I’ve prepared comparisons to the original release.

ff white witch first northern witch comp

The re-release is a bit darker and a much more blue-tinged grey compared to the taupe-beige of the original. The glitter/flake mix looks the same.

*edit* I found out that there are multiple versions of this polish floating around out there. The original White Witch collection has some batch discrepancies, so there’s another version of the original polish with a blue tinge that would be closer to the new re-release! Unfortunately I don’t have it so I can’t compare, but if you have the other original batch it’s probably much closer!

Heart’s Desires

swatch ff heart's desires 2

Heart’s Desires features a terracotta rose jelly base with copper shimmer, green/blue shifting iridescent flakes, gold holo microglitter, and tiny red flecks that I’m not sure how else to describe. I really love the shift of the iridescent flakes. This shade is so gorgeous in the bottle, but unfortunately it really doesn’t flatter my skin tone. I think it’ll suit cooler tones much better. It really is a stunning shade.

3 coats + top coat

swatch ff heart's desires 3swatch ff heart's desires 4swatch ff heart's desires 5swatch ff heart's desires 6


ff white witch heart's desires comp

They do look similar, but the base colors are distinctly different on the nail, especially from further away. The new release is less orange and almost has more of a blue/purple-ish tinge.

Moonlight Statues

swatch ff moonlight statues 2

Moonlight Statues…what a stunner this one has always been. It features a magenta purple jelly base with a glowing turquoise shimmer, and utterly packed with an array of silver holographic glitters and accented with smaller teal glitters. This is a classic Femme Fatale, and one I knew I had to have as soon as I saw a photo. The glitters of this polish are SO rainbow and SO colorful it’s kind of mind-boggling.

3 coats + 2 coats of top coat

swatch ff moonlight statues 4swatch ff moonlight statues 6swatch ff moonlight statues 7swatch ff moonlight statues 5b


ff white witch moonlight statues comp

Sophie indicated that the recipe is unchanged, and indeed in the bottles they look identical. Somehow on the nail though, the new version has a deeper and richer base color.

Lantern Waste

swatch ff lantern waste 2

This is it, y’all. Your chase is over. Sophie’s listened and heard, and here it is: Lantern Waste has returned! This polish features a muted blue base with striking red/green shimmer and matching iridescent flakes. Ugh, this polish has inspired so many FF lovers, and sent many of us on a wild hunt for this elusive polish. This new one is sure to satisfy the Lantern-Waste-shaped-hole in many hearts. It is a beauty.

3 coats + top coat

swatch ff lantern waste 3swatch ff lantern waste 4swatch ff lantern waste 6swatch ff lantern waste 7swatch ff lantern waste 8

The original White Witch collection was the last one before FF started collecting batch samples, so there are some variations between batches of the collection. I found two versions of Lantern Waste, so I’m presenting both here alongside this new version:

ff white witch lantern waste comp

The original flakes have long been discontinued, and it’s easy to see that the flakes are the biggest difference between old and new. In the new version the flakes are much more prominent.

Blazing with Stars

swatch ff blazing with stars 2

Sophie really does spoil us. Along with bringing back this collection, she’s also created three new additions! Blazing with Stars features a deep blue jelly base with coppery-red microflake shimmer and silver holo microflakes. The blue base is a lovely deep denim color.

This polish is deeply confusing. I don’t blame you if you buy this and then are baffled when a purple-looking polish shows up. In the bottle it looks purple. But once applied it is clearly blue.

3 coats + top coat

swatch ff blazing with stars 3swatch ff blazing with stars 4swatch ff blazing with stars 5

Light of a Dying Sun

swatch ff light of a dying sun 2

Light of a Dying Sun features a sheer red base packed with golden flakes and golden glitter. This one is so, so stunning. I will happily have a rainbow of polishes with those golden flakes. Incidentally this is also a perfect Chinese New Year polish, with the holiday’s rich red and gold palette. Everything about this shade is gorgeous.

3 coats + top coat

swatch ff light of a dying sun 3swatch ff light of a dying sun 4swatch ff light of a dying sun 5

A High and Lonely Destiny

swatch ff a high and lonely destiny 2

And now for the last shade–A High and Lonely Destiny features a blue jelly base packed full of purple holographic microglitter. And this purple was a PAIN to photograph. It’s the most stunning deep yet bright shade of violet. It likes to photograph blue, but it is a beautiful violet. Microglitter polishes are some of the most dynamic and stunning polishes, and I never feel like still photos can properly capture just how beautiful they are.

3 coats + 2 coats of top coat

swatch ff a high and lonely destiny 3swatch ff a high and lonely destiny 5swatch ff a high and lonely destiny 4

And there you have it!

My top picks of this release are Hundred Years Winter, Lion’s Breath, Lantern Waste, Moonlight Statues, Light of a Dying Sun, and A High and Lonely Destiny, with honorable mentions to…everybody else. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Not picking any more favorites!! This is really one hell of a collection. And by hell, I do mean heaven. โค

The White Witch Vol. 2 collection releases for preorder on November 1 at 9am AEST.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics:ย http://www.femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/

Facebook fan group:ย https://www.facebook.com/groups/841072659271220/

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