Bee’s Knees Lacquer: Lovecraft Country

Bee's Knees Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 23 October 2020

9 polishes

An all-UP collection inspired by TV series Lovecraft Country

When Sarah released the stunning 7 Wonders collection last November, she warned us that those would be the last UP polishes we’d see from her in a while. Alas, that long while is now over, and she’s broken that hiatus in the most spectacular fashion.


swatch bkl invulnerability 2

Invulnerability is a yellow-leaning chartreuse jelly with green/blue sibling UP. This is the sheerest of the collection, and if you dislike VNL you will definitely want to use this one as a topper. It looks chartreuse in the bottle but on the nail it appears more yellow. The blue shift of the UP really really didn’t want to photograph, but it is magical.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl invulnerability 4swatch bkl invulnerability 6swatch bkl invulnerability 8swatch bkl invulnerability 9swatch bkl invulnerability 10

Cthulu Rising

swatch bkl cthulu 2

Cthulu Rising is an olive green with red/green OG UP. I just love this color combination that almost feels classic from BKL now.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl cthulu 5swatch bkl cthulu 4swatch bkl cthulu 6swatch bkl cthulu 8


swatch bkl conjuration 2

Conjuration is a bright tangerine with gold/green sibling UP. This color is perfect for Halloween, but it’s also a gorgeous shot of warmth and sunshine.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl conjuration 3swatch bkl conjuration 5swatch bkl conjuration 7swatch bkl conjuration 8


swatch bkl hippolyta 2

Hippolyta is a purple-toned grey with green/blue sibling UP. This one is among the most opaque of the collection. In the bottle it looks more purple, but on the nail it looks predominantly grey with a purple lean. I love the combination of the green/blue UP with purple-ish bases, and this base color is very chic and classy.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl hippolyta 4swatch bkl hippolyta 5swatch bkl hippolyta 6swatch bkl hippolyta 8swatch bkl hippolyta 9


swatch bkl metamorphosis 2

Metamorphosis is a soft dusty rose with gold/green sibling UP. The official description is “tawny pumpkin”, but it definitely looks pink to me. Unfortunately this shade of pink isn’t the most flattering on me, but I think it would do well on cooler skin tones. It’s quite a soft and elegant shade.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl metamorphosis 3swatch bkl metamorphosis 4swatch bkl metamorphosis 6swatch bkl metamorphosis 8swatch bkl metamorphosis 9

The Siren

swatch bkl the siren 2

The Siren is a light petrol blue base with red/green OG UP. Blue-based UP polishes have been done to death, but this one is unique with its warm undertones.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl the siren 3swatch bkl the siren 4swatch bkl the siren 7swatch bkl the siren 8swatch bkl the siren 9


swatch bkl protection 2

Protection is a deeper magenta loaded with red/green OG UP. This shade is feminine but not girly, exactly my preferences when it comes to this region of the color spectrum. There is so much UP in this shade, and the deeper base color helps all the UP sparkle beautifully.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl protection 4swatch bkl protection 6swatch bkl protection 7swatch bkl protection 8swatch bkl protection 9


swatch bkl kumiho 2

Kumiho is a deep red jelly with green/blue sibling UP. For some reason this red might be pulling a tiny bit brown on some screens. There is no brown in real life–it is a true, deep red. And it is a STUNNER. This color combination sounds weird on paper, but it is dynamite in real life. The blue shift glows. This is similar to the previously-released Dragon Heartstring but with a larger particle UP. This one has good coverage too, with no VNL after three coats.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl kumiho 4swatch bkl kumiho 6swatch bkl kumiho 7swatch bkl kumiho 8swatch bkl kumiho 9


swatch bkl shoggoth 2

Any surprise I saved this knockout for last? Just look at it.

Shoggoth is the darker sister to Concilium, a deep vampy purple loaded with green/blue sibling UP. Concilium stole my heart last year, and her sister stole my heart this year. This one has me dead. I don’t even mind if it takes another year to get the next UP collection…I might never revive from this one. Ugh.

I used four coats here, because three was just the teensiest bit patchy, and the fourth coat smoothed everything out. No regrets. (No VNL either.)

4 coats + top coat

swatch bkl shoggoth 3swatch bkl shoggoth 4swatch bkl shoggoth 5swatch bkl shoggoth 6swatch bkl shoggoth 7swatch bkl shoggoth 8swatch bkl shoggoth 9

The Lovecraft Country collection will be available on October 23 at noon Eastern. All polishes are $14.

As all polishes contain UP, this sale will be capped, unlike the usual unlimited presale, so make sure to grab the ones you want sooner rather than later. I will not be held responsible for any heartbreak! Go go go!!

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