Stardust: Harvest Moon

Ethereal Lacquer, Kathleen & Co., Nailed It!, PR, Stardust

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Sale period: 25-28 August 2020

3 polishes

This month’s Stardust collaboration sees Nailed It! join Ethereal and Kathleen & Co. for a harvest moon-inspired box.

Ethereal: Lunar Spell

swatch ethereal lunar spell 2

Ethereal’s contribution Lunar Spell features an inky dark base with red/gold/green shifting shimmer. The blue tones of the base are very subtle, and if you apply three coats the base color will probably just look like a plain black. For this reason I recommend trying to apply this polish in two coats, so some of the blue color is retained. The formula is a bit thick, so you may want to add some thinner.

2 coats + top coat

swatch ethereal lunar spell 5swatch ethereal lunar spell 3swatch ethereal lunar spell 4swatch ethereal lunar spell 6swatch ethereal lunar spell 8

Kathleen & Co.: Harvest Sky

swatch kathleen&co harvest sky 3

Kathleen & Co.’s contribution Harvest Sky is a multichrome that shifts magenta/red/gold. Overall the colors of this multichrome are brighter and livelier in real life than they are photographing, although the gold shift at the far end was still relatively muted. I think the color palette of this polish is very fall-appropriate.

2 coats + top coat

swatch kathleen&co harvest sky 4swatch kathleen&co harvest sky 5swatch kathleen&co harvest sky 7swatch kathleen&co harvest sky 8swatch kathleen&co harvest sky 9

Nailed It!: Dark Side of the Moon

swatch nailed it dark side of the moon 2

Guest maker Nailed It’s contribution is Dark Side of the Moon, a teal blue jelly base loaded with orange/gold/green shifting shimmer. The shimmer here is bordering on microflake, so the overall effect is very sparkly and dynamic. The base color is blue-toned, but all of the shimmer leans the polish as a whole definitively green.

The coverage at two coats was really good, but I added a third coat to completely cover my nail line.

3 coats + top coat

swatch nailed it dark side of the moon 3swatch nailed it dark side of the moon 4swatch nailed it dark side of the moon 5swatch nailed it dark side of the moon 7swatch nailed it dark side of the moon 8

This box will be available for preorder for four days starting September 25 at 11am Eastern at Ethereal’s site.

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