Pahlish: Glow duo

Pahlish, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 13 September 2020

2 polishes

A duo of shimmer toppers for transforming a base color


swatch pahlish volcanic 0

Volcanic is a shimmery top coat that shifts pink-copper to orange. The color shift isn’t super apparent but it does exist.

The above photo is a before/after applying one coat of Volcanic.

Overall, there’s pretty good coverage from the shimmer, but it does seem to tone the base colors down a bit. It dries down matte, so adding glossy top coat is a must.

Various base colors + 1 coat of Volcanic + top coat

swatch pahlish volcanic 2swatch pahlish volcanic 4swatch pahlish volcanic 5swatch pahlish volcanic 6


swatch pahlish lush 0

Lush is a shimmery top coat that shifts green/orange. I thought I’d seen every shimmer around, but I was still surprised by this shift! It’s so pretty. This shimmer feels more intense and colorful than the shimmer in Volcanic, and of the duo I prefer this one. Again, the topper dries matte, so top coat is necessary.

1 coat of Lush over various base polishes + top coat

swatch pahlish lush 2swatch pahlish lush 3swatch pahlish lush 4swatch pahlish lush 5swatch pahlish lush 6

The Glow duo releases September 13 at 7pm Central. Both are $9.


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