Great Lakes Lacquer: Island Horizon

Great Lakes Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 12 September 2020

7 polishes

A collection inspired by video game Animal Crossing

This collection can be divided into three flakie polishes, three shimmer-heavy polishes, and one linear holo. So that’s the order I’m presenting them in. Let’s go:

Bug ON

swatch gll bug on 2

Bug ON is a dark fuchsia packed with red-pink flakes that shift to green. Overall the polish appears to shift between a deep fuchsia and a deep red. It’s a feminine shade with a darker edge. I recommend being careful with application–with all the flakies, I found that a lot of them liked to hang off of the free edge, so you might need to wrangle them into place.

2-3 coats + top coat

swatch gll bug on 3swatch gll bug on 4swatch gll bug on 7swatch gll bug on 8

The Real Boss

swatch gll the real boss 2

The Real Boss is a hot pink packed with pink/violet/green shifting iridescent flakes. Because it’s kind of neon, it doesn’t photograph properly or show up correctly on screens. So please know that it’s a deeper, very bright hot pink color. The addition of shifting flakes gives the polish an overall hot pink/bright red shift.

2-3 coats + top coat

swatch gll the real boss 3swatch gll the real boss 4swatch gll the real boss 5swatch gll the real boss 7swatch gll the real boss 8

The Bell Boys

swatch gll the bell boys 2

The Bell Boys is a vibrant summer green loaded with bronze and gold iridescent flakes. This polish may just be my top pick of the collection. These flakes are pure magic.

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll the bell boys 3swatch gll the bell boys 4swatch gll the bell boys 5swatch gll the bell boys 6

The Enabling Sisters

swatch gll the enabling sisters 2

Onto the shimmers! The Enabling Sisters is a purple polish filled with pink/green/blue shifting iridescent microflake shimmer. The official description also lists holo but I personally didn’t see it. Super pretty and feminine shade.

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll the enabling sisters 3swatch gll the enabling sisters 4swatch gll the enabling sisters 7swatch gll the enabling sisters 8

Celestial Obsessed

swatch gll celestial obsessed 2

Celestial Obsessed is a violet-toned pink with pink/green/blue shifting iridescent microflake shimmer. The base color is quite girly, but it is toned down a bit with it leaning cool instead of warm.

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll celestial obsessed 3swatch gll celestial obsessed 4swatch gll celestial obsessed 7swatch gll celestial obsessed 8

Heeere Fishy, Fishy

swatch gll heeere fishy, fishy 2

Heeere Fishy, Fishy is more of a pastel multichrome. It has a sheer blue base, but it is overrun with silver/green/blue shifting shimmer. Such a magical shade!

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll heeere fishy, fishy 3swatch gll heeere fishy, fishy 4swatch gll heeere fishy, fishy 5swatch gll heeere fishy, fishy 7swatch gll heeere fishy, fishy 8


swatch gll will-o-wisp 2

And the last shade, a holographic! Will-O-Wisp is a silver linear holo with blue/purple shifting shimmer, as well as what looks like little shards of silver something? Maybe silver microflakes? I can’t quite tell what they are but I think they’re there. The shimmer in the resting blue state isn’t very apparent. It kind of just leans the silver cooler-toned, but when the shimmer shifts to purple, it pops much more. 

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll will-o-wisp 3swatch gll will-o-wisp 5swatch gll will-o-wisp 6swatch gll will-o-wisp 7swatch gll will-o-wisp 8

And I’ve saved the best news for those of you who read to down here: GLL is switching to the new paddle brushes starting with this collection!! The flat, rounded-ended brush works brilliantly with GLL’s formula. I’ve been hoping for this switch for the longest time, and I’m sure it will make a lot of GLL fans very happy!

The Island Horizon collection releases on September 12 at 3pm Eastern at the GLL site.

Also launching at the same time are custom polishes for the FB black and white polish fan groups! Check out that duo here.

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