Stardust: Space

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*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Sale period: 26 โ€“ 29 June 2020

3 polishes

Third installment of Stardust is here! Bee’s Knees Lacquer joins Ethereal and Kathleen & Co. for a box inspired by space.

Ethereal: I Need Space

swatch ethereal i need space 2

Ethereal’s I Need Space features a bright salmon jelly base with intense red/green shifting shimmer. The shimmer kind of gets lost in the base color in my photos, but in real life it is very prominent. On some screens the polish color seems to be displaying more orange than it actually is. If it appears as a straight orange on your screen, know that it also has some pink in it in real life. The shift to green in the shimmer is just dynamite against the base color.

3 coats + top coat

swatch ethereal i need space 3swatch ethereal i need space 4swatch ethereal i need space 6swatch ethereal i need space 7

Kathleen & Co.: Orion Nebula

swatch kathleen & co. orion nebula 2

Kathleen & Co.’s Orion Nebula features a bright magenta base with blue/fuchsia shifting shimmer. Now, I read a while ago that magentas are ruined when blue shimmer is added to them, and I could never quite unsee that perspective. A lot of magentas do seem to age a few decades when blue shimmer is added. But in this polish, both the base and shimmer colors are so bright they demand attention here and now, and even I have to admit there is absolutely nothing fuddy-duddy about this shade. Stunning formula as well. Super smooth, super easy to work with–just be mindful of the shimmer streaking on the second coat.

I did experience some minor staining with this one, so you’ll want to double up on base coat for extra protection.

2 coats + top coat

swatch kathleen & co. orion nebula 3swatch kathleen & co. orion nebula 4swatch kathleen & co. orion nebula 6swatch kathleen & co. orion nebula 7

Bee’s Knees: Space is the Place

swatch bkl space is the place 2

BKL’s Space is the Place is a pearly multichrome reminiscent of the ones released in the Crescent City collections. It features a desaturated aqua base loaded with fuchsia/gold/green shifting shimmer, and it is stunning. I love the colors and the finish of this polish, and it is my favorite of the box.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl space is the place 3swatch bkl space is the place 4swatch bkl space is the place 6swatch bkl space is the place 7

This box will be available for preorder starting June 26 at 11am Eastern at Etherealโ€™s site.

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