All the Pretty Pinks: Independence Day

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*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 2 June 2020

3 polishes + 2 other items

All the Pretty Pinks is a monthly box created and curated by My Stunning Nails in collaboration with other makers. It contains nail polishes and other items revolving around the color pink. This box is made in celebration of the Fourth of July, and you should receive the items in time to use them to celebrate!

My Stunning Nails: Fireworks

swatch my stunning nails fireworks 2

My Stunning Nails is contributing Fireworks, a pinkish-caramel base with blue/purple/gold shifting foil-esque shimmer. I really like this type of shimmer since it is very sparkly! I don’t love the base color against my skin, but I think this would look gorgeous against deeper skin tones.

3 coats + top coat

swatch my stunning nails fireworks 3swatch my stunning nails fireworks 4swatch my stunning nails fireworks 5swatch my stunning nails fireworks 6

I also shot some photos in diffused light to highlight the shimmer:

swatch my stunning nails fireworks 7swatch my stunning nails fireworks 8

Jior Couture: Ms. Independent

swatch jior ms. independent 2

Jior is contributing Ms. Independent, a pink base filled with shimmers, glass flecks, and glitters in various colors, shapes, and sizes. So fun! I like that the glitters are scattered so the overall effect is not overwhelming.

This polish also has a final, fun little secret: it glows in the dark! I charged the bottle before application and also held my nails to a light before putting my hand in a dark place, and I could make out the effect! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch glow-in-the-dark effects on camera, so I don’t have photos of it in the dark.

2 coats + top coat

swatch jior ms. independent 3swatch jior ms. independent 4swatch jior ms. independent 5swatch jior ms. independent 6

Sassy Sauce: Daizy

swatch sassy sauce daizy 2

The last polish of the box is Sassy Sauce’s Daizy, which features a bubblegum pink base with pink shimmer, blue UCC flakes, and indigo/violet iridescent flakes. Really fun and bright shade with a great formula. It was really close in two coats, but I opted for a third for a perfect finish.

3 coats + top coat

swatch sassy sauce daizy 3swatch sassy sauce daizy 4swatch sassy sauce daizy 5

Anchor & Heart: Vitamin Sea cuticle oil

a&h oil 3

On to my personal favorite item of the box! Anchor & Heart does produce nail polish, but their contribution to this box is a 10ml rollerball of their Vitamin Sea cuticle oil in scent Watermelon Slice! I’ve never used a rollerball oil applicator before, but I enjoyed it because there’s no redipping like there would be with a dip brush applicator or retwisting like with a twist pen applicator–just keep rolling and the product keeps flowing! The oil has a light feeling and sinks in quickly with no greasy feeling afterwards. And the scent! It has a hint of a watermelon candy-esque scent, but I do also smell a lovely genuine fruity sweetness, and it definitely is a “pink-feel” scent that goes well with this box. This oil has joined my regular rotations and I’m definitely looking at purchasing more!

Oh–and the label doesn’t smear with use of the oil! I despise when inks start rubbing off from their own product, but the cute label has stayed crisp and clear!

a&h oil 4a&h oil 1a&h oil 2

Mania-Kel Creations: Watermelon crochet keychain

watermelon crochet keychain 2

And the last item of the box is this adorable hand-crocheted watermelon keychain! I had thought this would be like a plush, but it’s surprisingly firm, so it definitely doesn’t feel like a toy. It’s quite generously-sized…roughly the size of my palm. It is lightweight, but since I don’t like large things hanging off of my keyrings, I instead imagine it as a cute addition to a purse or bag to brighten things up!

watermelon crochet keychain 1

The July 2020 All the Pretty Pinks Independence Day-themed box will be available for preorder June 2-8 at My Stunning Nails’s shop. The box is sold as a complete set for $59.

My Stunning Nails:

Jior Couture:

Sassy Sauce Polish:

Anchor & Heart Lacquer:

Mania-Kel Creations:


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