Bee’s Knees Lacquer: Crescent City (part 2 of 2)

Bee's Knees Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 29 May 2020

7 polishes

Here’s part two of the collection inspired by book series Crescent City. Find part one here!

This set also has two creme-based shimmers and five sheerer, shimmery multichromes. I’ll start with the creme-based shimmers:

The Under King

swatch bkl the under king 2

The Under King features a medium grey base filled with blue/purple shifting shimmer. The shimmer here is so glowy! Two coats got me super close to opacity, but I added a third for a perfect finish.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl the under king 3swatch bkl the under king 4swatch bkl the under king 6swatch bkl the under king 7

The Fallen

swatch bkl the fallen 2

The Fallen features the palest, greyed-out lavender filled with green/blue/purple shifting shimmer. But no words could possibly encapsulate how STUNNING this polish is. I’m so in love. This base color is so unique, and that shimmer works perfectly in tandem. I love everything about this polish. I loved it when I laid eyes on it, and I loved it no less on my nails. Love love love…

And this sorcery Sarah does with lighter colors…I don’t know what it is! This polish was SO close in two coats…again I added a third coat just for absolute perfection.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl the fallen 3swatch bkl the fallen 4swatch bkl the fallen 5swatch bkl the fallen 6swatch bkl the fallen 7

And now onto the sheer shimmery multichromes!

Like the ones from part 1, I’m showing these five polishes in three coats on most nails, but also in one coat over Possession, the nude creme released with part 1, on the ring finger.


swatch bkl starborn 2

Starborn features a silvery base and shifts soft rose pink/gold/green. There even a hint of blue at the far shift but I had trouble catching it on camera. This one is the most opaque, and is most reminiscent of Luna’s Horn from part 1. This polish is so elegant and unique. Because it is quite opaque (due to all the shimmer), it doesn’t look that different layered as a topper vs. when it is used on its own.

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl starborn 3swatch bkl starborn 4swatch bkl starborn 5swatch bkl starborn 6

As a topper:

swatch bkl starborn 7

The Oracle

swatch bkl the oracle 2

The Oracle features a bright yellow base that shifts gold/green/blue. This is by far the brightest shade of the collection. It is intensely luminous and commands attention.

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl the oracle 3swatch bkl the oracle 4swatch bkl the oracle 5swatch bkl the oracle 6

As a topper:

swatch bkl the oracle 7

Memento Mori

swatch bkl memento mori 2

Memento Mori features a sheer blue base and shifts aqua/blue/purple. This one is so soft, ethereal, and lovely. Because it is sheerer, it looks quite different when used as a topper, but it is no less beautiful worn that way.

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl memento mori 3swatch bkl memento mori 4swatch bkl memento mori 5swatch bkl memento mori 6

As a topper:

swatch bkl memento mori 7

The Asteri

swatch bkl the asteri 2

The Asteri features a sheer base and shifts magenta purple/pink/gold/green. Honestly, these BKL multichromes are so hard to describe. Just look at the photos. You’ll understand the magic 🤣

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl the asteri 3swatch bkl the asteri 4swatch bkl the asteri 5swatch bkl the asteri 6

As a topper:

swatch bkl the asteri 7

The Star-Eater

swatch bkl the star-eater 2

I saved my favorite for last! The Star-Eater features a sheer peach base and shifts pink/red/gold…and maybe a hint of green at the end? This is such a gorgeous neutral on my skin. It feels like I’m wearing satin ballet slippers on my nails, if ballet slippers also shifted like sunset. I was so sad when I took this one off 😢

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl the star-eater 3swatch bkl the star-eater 4swatch bkl the star-eater 5swatch bkl the star-eater 6

As a topper:

swatch bkl the star-eater 7

I love this set. Everything is so uniquely stunning. But I must still admit to being partial to The Fallen and The Star-Eater. I can’t wait to wear those two again, and again, and again…

The Crescent City part 2 collection will be releasing at noon Eastern on May 29!

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