Bee’s Knees Lacquer: Crescent City (part 1 of 2) + nude creme

Bee's Knees Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 24 April 2020

7 + 1 polishes

A collection inspired by book series Crescent City, plus one nude creme

This collection has seven polishes, which can be split into two creme-based shimmers and five sheerer shimmery multichrome-type polishes. Because of the sheerer formulas, Sarah also created two nude cremes to be used as undies, one more pink and one more beige. I opted for the beige one for my skin tone, but if a pinker color suits you as a nude you’ll want to check out other swatches as well!

First up are the two creme-based shimmers.


swatch bkl alphahole 1

Alphahole features a light, aqua-mint base with pink/gold shifting shimmer. Super cute spring shade!

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl alphahole 2swatch bkl alphahole 3swatch bkl alphahole 5swatch bkl alphahole 6

Umbra Mortis

swatch bkl umbra mortis 2

Umbra Mortis features a pale grey base with blue/purple shifting shimmer. The shimmer in this one appears almost ghostly. The formula is so very lovely.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl umbra mortis 3swatch bkl umbra mortis 4swatch bkl umbra mortis 6swatch bkl umbra mortis 7


This is the creme base I chose. It is not part of the Crescent City collection, but it’s releasing alongside the others.

swatch bkl possessed 2

Possessed is a warm beige-tan crelly. It is a bit too close to my skin tone for me to be comfortable sporting it on its own, but it is perfectly-suited to be used as an undie under sheerer polishes to hide VNL, which is exactly what I will show you further below. It dries to a high shine on its own!

If you don’t have medium warm skin like me, please check out another swatcher who has a skintone closer to yours!

3 coats, no top coat

swatch bkl possessed 3swatch bkl possessed 4swatch bkl possessed 5

It is very buildable and self-levels perfectly, which is absolutely critical to any sheerer polish. Streaky sheers have no business taking up space in anybody’s collection. I love that I will be able to use this polish as an undie in either one or two coats depending on how much VNL I want to hide. I ended up using two coats under some swatches of the sheerer multichromes.

swatch bkl possessed 1

Alright, and now onto the five sheer, shimmery multichrome-esque polishes!

I show all five of these as a topper in one coat over two coats of Possessed on my ring finger, and on its own in three coats on the rest of my nails.


swatch bkl lele 2

Lele is a pearlescent multichrome that shifts pink/gold/green. At three coats I can just barely see a peek of my VNL, but it’s minimal. As a topper in one coat, it just gives a lovely wash of pink/gold shifting shimmer.

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl lele 3swatch bkl lele 4swatch bkl lele 7swatch bkl lele 8

Light It Up

swatch bkl light it up 2

Light It Up features a sheer golden base filled with red/gold/green shifting shimmer. The resting red state of the shimmer is a little more saturated and brighter than it appears in my photos. In three coats I could definitely make out distinct VNL. As a topper it actually looks very similar to it on its own, just without the VNL, although this will vary depending on your skintone. I really like how this one looks on my warm skin!

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl light it up 3swatch bkl light it up 4swatch bkl light it up 6swatch bkl light it up 7

Luna’s Horn

swatch bkl luna's horn 2

Luna’s Horn features a sage base that shifts silvery-white/green/blue. This one is so cool! The shift is so magical. It is the most shimmer-packed of the group, so be mindful of streaking when you apply. It also has the best opacity–I could almost get away with two coats but decided on a third for a perfect finish. This one also looks minimally different when used as a topper since the polish is quite opaque on its own.

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl luna's horn 3swatch bkl luna's horn 4swatch bkl luna's horn 6swatch bkl luna's horn 7

Prince of the Chasm

swatch bkl prince of the chasm 2

Prince of the Chasm features a sheer blue base that shifts teal/blue/purple. The resting color of this one is a touch more teal than it was photographing. This shade is quite bright and glowy. It’s on the sheerer side, so it looks different as a topper vs. when applied on its own.

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl prince of the chasm 3swatch bkl prince of the chasm 4swatch bkl prince of the chasm 6swatch bkl prince of the chasm 7

The Viper Queen

swatch bkl the viper queen 2

And lastly, The Viper Queen has a sheer green base that shifts green/blue. The resting state is kind of like a golden green that shifts further into a true green before hitting the luminous blue at the end. I really like this shade on my skin. Also one of the ones with better coverage, so the difference when used as a topper is minimal.

3 coats alone  -or-  1 coat as a topper

swatch bkl the viper queen 3swatch bkl the viper queen 4swatch bkl the viper queen 6swatch bkl the viper queen 7

The Crescent City part 1 collection is releasing April 24th at noon Eastern time.

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