Bee’s Knees Lacquer: The Thirteen (part 2 of 2)

Bee's Knees Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 27 March 2020

6 polishes

These polishes are inspired by The Thirteen from the book series Throne of Glass. See Part 1 polishes here! Here’s Part 2 with another six polishes. These six together with the six from the first part plus the already-released Manon Blackbeak make for thirteen.


swatch bkl linnea 2

Linnea is described as an indigo base with red/green shifting ghost flakes. It definitely looks indigo in the bottle, but on the nail it looks more like a straight purple. It is quite sheer, so if you have strong nail lines and don’t like doing 3+ coats you might want to use it as a topper.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl linnea 3swatch bkl linnea 4swatch bkl linnea 6swatch bkl linnea 7

Here’s a comparison with BKL’s The Best is Yet to Come. It’s just a comparison for understanding the base color. Master of Alchemy has the same base color as The Best is Yet to Come if you have that one. I think these two are very comparable, although obviously Linnea is way, way less opaque. Linnea might also be just the slightest touch more purple, compared to the more indigo-leaning Best. But I don’t know if I’m just seeing that because of the red flakes…you decide!

bkl the best is yet to come vs linnea


swatch bkl briar 2

Briar is a black base with green/blue shifting ghost flakes. It’s a bit more sheer in person than it photographs, which really emphasizes the flakies.

3 generous coats + top coat

swatch bkl briar 3swatch bkl briar 4swatch bkl briar 6swatch bkl briar 7


swatch bkl vesta 2

Vesta is an olive green with red/gold shifting shimmer. In my photos it liked to show up a bit mustard-ish, but it’s definitely green. I really like this color combination, and this kind of green shade is very comfortable to wear.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl vesta 3swatch bkl vesta 4swatch bkl vesta 5

Here’s a comparison to previously-released BKL shades Troll Fat and Telekinesis:

bkl troll fat vesta telekinesis


swatch bkl fallon 2

Fallon has a dark grey base with strong green/peachy-orange shifting shimmer. Sometimes the green flash is so strong the base appears to be a bit green-ish as well. I absolutely adore the shift to a pinkish-orange against the smoky base. Major stunner  ❤

2 coats + top coat

swatch bkl fallon 3swatch bkl fallon 4swatch bkl fallon 6swatch bkl fallon 7


swatch bkl ghislaine 2

Ghislaine has a pale green base with bright green/peach shifting shimmer. Sometimes the base looked almost pale blue with how cool-toned it is. But oh my god. This one was a huge surprise. I don’t really do pastels, but this one is so glowy and pretty on the nails! And the formula! Ahhh I cannot say enough good things about the formula! I was totally prepared for a streaky, patchy mess with a shade this light, but it went on smooth and easy. And that shift in the shimmer to an orangey-peach is absolutely stunning. A beauty of a polish.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl ghislaine 3swatch bkl ghislaine 4swatch bkl ghislaine 6swatch bkl ghislaine 7


swatch bkl kaya 2

And here’s Kaya, which is officially described as a milk chocolate base with blue/purple shifting shimmer. I could see flashes of a brown-ish base in my photos, but in real life I would describe the base color as more of a mauve-ish grungy purple. But no description comes close to capturing how stunning this polish is. This is one of those polishes where the shimmer is SO strong it almost eclipses the base color. But at an angle to the light, the cool purple glow at the far end of the shift pops so well against the warm purple base. I love this one.

3 coats + top coat

swatch bkl kaya 3swatch bkl kaya 4swatch bkl kaya 6swatch bkl kaya 7

Such a lovely set! I think this set of shades is more flattering on me than many of the shades from the first set. The shimmers are absolute stand-outs. You cannot go wrong with any of the shimmers here. Ghislaine was such a wonderful surprise of a pastel polish, and Kaya is an ethereal, glowy delight.

Here’s all twelve together. They were meant to be released together, so I thought they deserved a group collage:

bkl thirteen collage

These six new shades will be launching at noon Eastern on 27 March. Every order placed during this launch will also be receiving a free mystery polish!

Bee’s Knees Lacquer:



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