Great Lakes Lacquer: Notes to Self

Great Lakes Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 29 February 2020

12 polishes

A collection of shimmers, cremes, and toppers inspired by positive reminders to ourselves about what really matters this year

This collection has distinct finishes: five shimmers, four cremes, two shimmer toppers, and a glitterbomb.

Shimmers first! These five all had smooth, easy-to-use formulas.


swatch gll change 2

From GLL: “Change is constant. It is the sure thing in life, besides death and taxes. Time to embrace it.”

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll change 3swatch gll change 4swatch gll change 5


swatch gll clarity 2

From GLL: “With clarity, comes insight. Clear the haze and be clear in your direction.”

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll clarity 3swatch gll clarity 4swatch gll clarity 5


swatch gll community 2

From GLL: “Community is an essential part to thriving. Find your community and cherish it. I do.”

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll community 3swatch gll community 4swatch gll community 5


swatch gll courage 2

From GLL: “Have the courage to stand for what is right and what you believe in, including for yourself.”

Another lovely pink! I really loved GLL’s last pink as well. I discussed a bit about how most pale pinks don’t really work on my warm skin tone, but I like this one! I think it’s because it is not white-based, so it doesn’t look harsh.

3 coats + top coat

swatch gll courage 3swatch gll courage 4swatch gll courage 5


swatch gll confidence 2

From GLL: “Find you. Be you. Do you to the best of your ability and always be confident in that.”

The official descriptions of all five shimmers state that they all have holo, but this one is the only one I really saw it in. The holo is stronger in real life than it appears here. The shimmer looks more dominant in these photos, but the shimmer and holo are equally apparent in real life.

2 coats + top coat

swatch gll confidence 3swatch gll confidence 4swatch gll confidence 5

Next up are four cremes. I’m also showing them with the toppers of this collection.

These all have GLORIOUS formulas. I cannot say enough good things about the creme formulas of this collection. They effortlessly self-level like I’ve never seen before, and although they were all 2-coaters (yes, even the two lighter ones!!), I almost wished they were 3-coaters just so I could experience the joy of application one more time. Sounds ridiculous, no? They are, in the best way possible.


swatch gll love 1

From GLL: “Love yourself, love your family, love your friends. Love is love is love.”

Can you believe this is a two-coater?? Also it is stupidly shiny. Look at it. No top coat!

2 coats, no top coat

swatch gll love 2swatch gll love 3gll toppers over love


From GLL: “Cheesy?ย  Yes but still true.ย ย Laughter cures all ails. <3″

This polish is a warm medium purple. It refuses to photograph properly. I have no idea if it looks remotely accurate. This one gave me headaches like you can’t imagine. I ended up taking photos on my cell phone since those seem a bit more consistent. Please reference my phone camera photos (the two directly below) for most accurate color. It also is basically the color of the purple bubble mailer from Polish Pickup, so you have some point of reference.

It dries down a little bit matte.

2 coats, no top coat

gll toppers over laughter


swatch gll prosperity 1

From GLL: “May all the good things grow in number this year.”

I’m telling you, the formula on this polish is killer. I could hardly believe my senses. Applying this polish is one of the purest joys I’ve ever experienced. So much so that this may just be my top pick of the collection for the formula alone. It’s opaque in two coats (!!!!!!), but it’s also just jelly enough for a gorgeously squishy appearance. Also it dries shiny as all hell. No top coat on these creme swatches, and this one sure didn’t miss it. Did I mention I love this one? I love this one.

2 coats, no top coat

swatch gll prosperity 2swatch gll prosperity 3gll toppers over prosperity


swatch gll peace 1

From GLL: “May it be prevalent throughout 2020. May it triumph over all.”

2 coats, no top coat

swatch gll peace 2swatch gll peace 3gll toppers over peace

There are also two iridescent shimmery toppers. I show them over black and over the cremes of this collection.


swatch gll renew over black 2

From GLL: “Do things that fill you. Dump things that drain you. Take a vacation; even if it’s on your couch reading your favorite book.”

1 coat over various cremes + top coat

swatch gll renew over black 3swatch gll renew over black 4swatch gll renew over black 5swatch gll renew over black 6renew over cremes


swatch gll refresh over black 2

From GLL: “Self care is important. Make it a priority.”

There’s a very lovely scattered holo effect that wasn’t showing up on camera. You can see a soft holo flame (over darker base shades) in real life.

1 coat over various cremes + top coat

swatch gll refresh over black 3swatch gll refresh over black 4swatch gll refresh over black 5swatch gll refresh over black 6swatch gll refresh over black 7swatch gll refresh over black 8refresh over cremes

And a glitterbomb! GLL’s first one in a while!


swatch gll resolve 2

From GLL: “Be strong in your conviction. Resolve to stand for what you believe.”

4 coats + 1 coat of top coat

swatch gll resolve 3swatch gll resolve 4swatch gll resolve 6swatch gll resolve 7swatch gll resolve 8swatch gll resolve 9

And it can also be a topper. I show Resolve over black (middle two fingers), over purple (4th finger), as well as over a green/blue/purple/red/gold multichrome (1st finger). I liked the idea of putting it over a multichrome that roughly matched the shift of the glitters themselves. There are a bunch of multichromes out there with this particular color shift; the one here is Polish Me Silly’s Paradise.

1 coat over various polishes + 1 coat of top coat

gll toppers resolve over black and others

Over black:

swatch gll resolve over black 1

Over the multichrome:

swatch gll resolve over pms paradise

I honestly think Prosperity is my top pick of this collection. I may just cry tears next time I get to apply that formula. And the dusty purple color is a lovely soft color appropriate for any-time. I also really like Courage, the cute pink shimmer shade.

collage 2

These are arriving to the GLL shop at 9am on 29 February 2020.

Great Lakes Lacquer:

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