Bee’s Knees Lacquer: Fan ships

Bee's Knees Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 31 January 2020

12 polishes

A collection inspired by some of BKL’s favorite fictional ships

In case you’re not into fandom culture, a “ship” refers to a wish that certain characters in a work of fiction be in a romantic relationship. Such a cute theme for a February collection, no?


swatch bkl azlain 1

Inspired by Azriel and Elain from A Court of Thorns and Roses

The shimmer takes over the entire base color and is very glowy and shifty. The green shift is particularly beautiful against the pink base.

3 coats + top coat


swatch bkl briemund 1

Inspired by Brienne and Tormund of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

*Highlight this paragraph for my thoughts on this particular ship. Spoilers for GoT beware* This is one of the few ships I have an opinion on…and I’m personally not a fan. Yes, Tormund is a delightful and hilarious character and he deserves happiness (as does most everyone in the series LOL), but Brienne has never showed a shred of interest towards him? She’s only ever showed slight annoyance? I dunno. I fully support Tormund x Ghost though! Can you imagine them just gallivanting through the wild?? I love it.

This pastel multichrome shifts through green-blue-purple. The silver microflakes that show up in multiple polishes in this collection may be a bit annoying during removal because they really like to stick to the skin.

2 coats + top coat


swatch bkl darklina 1

Inspired by the Darkling and Alina from the Grishaverse

I adore BKL’s ghost flake polishes. This one has the gold/green variety. The base black is very sheer. In real life, this polish looks even more sheer. I would have considered adding a fourth coat in real life but I don’t like doing four coats for swatch photos since most people don’t do a fourth coat. It would make a great topper over darker colors.

3 generous coats + top coat


swatch bkl dramione 1

Inspired by Draco and Hermione from Harry Potter

I think this was the ship that I learned about shipping with. It seemed wrong at the time and it still seems wrong now, although I’ve never read HP fanfiction…I’m sure someone has written one that genuinely makes this ship make sense. Fanfiction is a strange place y’all.

The base color is really bright. It’s definitely red in real life but it can lean a little orange in lower lights. The green/pink shimmer can make the overall polish look more orange as well. But again, the base color is more red.

2 coats + top coat


swatch bkl feysand 1

Inspired by Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses

This is a really pretty, soft shade. The shimmer shifts green/purple in the grey base, and the little holo microflakes add a touch of sparkle.

2 coats + top coat


swatch bkl finnpoe 4

Inspired by Finn and Poe Dameron of The Rise of Skywalker (Star Wars)

This pastel multichrome has red/green shimmer, although all the gold flakes make it look more like an orange/gold shifter.

3 coats + top coat


swatch bkl jurdan 1

Inspired by Jude and Cardan from The Folk of the Air

This pastel multichrome shifts green/blue/purple and is filled with gold flake.

2 coats + top coat


swatch bkl lysaedion 1

Inspired by Lysandra and Aedion from Throne of Glass

More ghost flakes, this time of the green/blue variety! And they are in a soft grey jelly base. I think this particular shade is unfortunately giving me lobster-claw hands though.

3 coats + top coat


swatch bkl maladya 1

Inspired by Nadya and Malachiasz from Wicked Saints

The sole magnetic of this collection. The magnetic shimmer shifts pink/orange/gold/green. As always with BKL, the magnetic effect is easy to produce. I left it unmagnetized on my ring finger. I’m also showing it without a base color…you could definitely use it over a base color in just one coat.

3 coats + top coat (unmagnetized on ring finger)


swatch bkl nessian 3

Inspired by Nesta and Cassian from A Court of Thorns and Roses

This polish is ethereal. I think it’s more of a blue-tinged grey (as opposed to a grey-tinged blue). The shimmer is blue and shifts a bit to purple. On my editing monitor the color looked correct, but on my phone the shimmer looks more purple, which is wrong. The shimmer really reminds me of the shimmer in BKL’s Apocalypse 2019, so it’s that kind of ghostly blue.

3 coats + top coat


swatch bkl reylo 1

Inspired by Rey and Kylo Ren from The Rise of Skywalker (Star Wars)

This pastel multichrome shifts green/pink and is filled with gold flake.

2 coats + top coat


swatch bkl zoyalai 1

Inspired by Zoya and Nikolai from the Grishaverse

This pastel multichrome shifts blue/purple and has silver microflakes.

3 coats + top coat

Bee’s Knees Lacquer:

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