collage of Pahlish Mandalorian nail polish collection

Pahlish: Mandalorian

Pahlish, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 12 January 2020

5 polishes

A limited edition collection of shades inspired by the TV series The Mandalorian

This collection consists of five Bespoke Batches and will only be restocked during January 2020. It features various finishes that Pahlish has mastered, including an addition to the beloved crushed gold flake line!

Razor Crest

swatch pahlish razor crest 4

Basics with a twist are my go-to polishes, and one of the best ways to execute it is a neutral base color loaded with shimmer. The warm tones of this one are lovely. The metallic shimmer shifts pink/red/gold. Two easy coats to perfection…be more careful on the second coat to minimize shimmer streaking.

swatch pahlish razor crest 1swatch pahlish razor crest 2swatch pahlish razor crest 3swatch pahlish razor crest 5swatch pahlish razor crest 6


swatch pahlish beskar 4

A cool counterpart to Razor Crest, with shifts of blue/indigo/purple and even a bit of gold at the very far end. Also perfect in two easy coats.

swatch pahlish beskar 1swatch pahlish beskar 2swatch pahlish beskar 3swatch pahlish beskar 6swatch pahlish beskar 5


swatch pahlish sandcrawler 3

A red that is somehow intense yet subdued…it is a shade reminiscent of Pahlish’s Tiny Ginger Snaps— a red in the style of cinnamon, rust, or brick. Easy two or three coats depending on your polishing style and flakie density preference. I show three thin coats. What can I say? I’m a flakie fiend, and Pahlish’s jelly formula is so very easy to use.

swatch pahlish sandcrawler 1swatch pahlish sandcrawler 2swatch pahlish sandcrawler 5swatch pahlish sandcrawler 4

Little Green Child

swatch pahlish little green child 3

What a worthy addition to Pahlish’s lineup of gold flakes! Pahlish describes the base color as “spearmint”. It’s a green that leans towards cool teal. The formula is more creme than crelly. Two to three coats, depending on your polishing style.

swatch pahlish little green child 1swatch pahlish little green child 2swatch pahlish little green child 4swatch pahlish little green child 5

This is the Way

swatch pahlish this is the way 4

And a gorgeous dark shade to round out the collection. That copper/green/blue shimmer is absolutely luminous against the dark (but not black) base. Two coats, and you’ll be on your way.

swatch pahlish this is the way 1swatch pahlish this is the way 2swatch pahlish this is the way 3swatch pahlish this is the way 7swatch pahlish this is the way 5swatch pahlish this is the way 6

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