Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Gemstone Sparks

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 7 January 2020

8 polishes

A collection of whites with a rainbow of soft, iridescent shimmers and holographic accents.

This collection is a re-release of the 2012 Gemstone collection, with a twist. The original collection was set of iridescent shimmer toppers. Those same shimmers are now in a white base, and there are now additional holographic flakes for added sparkle.

I’m showing most of these as: two generous coats (to avoid streaking) over a pink ridge filler on the index, one generous coat over a white creme on the middle, and three coats over a clear base coat on the ring and pinky. Two of the eight were a little more finnicky and required three coats on the index and four on the ring and pinky fingers.


swatch ff emberstoneswatch ff emberstone 1

This is the first of the two that required one additional coat on most fingers. It is a very cute and soft shade of pink. There is a soft shift to gold at the end that was difficult to catch.

swatch ff emberstone 2swatch ff emberstone 3swatch ff emberstone 4swatch ff emberstone 5swatch ff emberstone 6



swatch ff amberjewel bottleswatch ff amberjewel 1

This is a lovely amber/copper glow that softly shifts to yellow.

swatch ff amberjewel 2swatch ff amberjewel 3swatch ff amberjewel 4swatch ff amberjewel 5swatch ff amberjewel 6


swatch ff lightseye bottleswatch ff lightseye 1

This one probably had the strongest glow despite being yellow! Not sure why that was so surprising, but it was. Beautifully luminous.

swatch ff lightseye 2swatch ff lightseye 3swatch ff lightseye 4swatch ff lightseye 5


swatch ff dragonscaleswatch ff dragonscale 1

A lovely warm green shimmer. It also shows up easily against the light base.

swatch ff dragonscale 2swatch ff dragonscale 3swatch ff dragonscale 4swatch ff dragonscale 5swatch ff dragonscale 6


swatch ff seaspray bottleswatch ff seaspray 1

Seaspray is the second polish that required one additional coat of polish, for three on my index finger and four on my ring and pinky. This one looks like a green-leaning teal.

swatch ff seaspray 2swatch ff seaspray 3swatch ff seaspray 4swatch ff seaspray 5swatch ff seaspray 6


swatch ff skyfire bottleswatch ff skyfire 1

This is a shade of blue that somehow feels warm…the kind of water that gently envelopes you on a sunny day, not the kind that harshly crashes against craggy shores. It has a soft shift to purple.

swatch ff skyfire 2swatch ff skyfire 3swatch ff skyfire 4swatch ff skyfire 5swatch ff skyfire 6


swatch ff stormsteel bottleswatch ff stormsteel 1

This one is a cold blue, a hue reminiscent of icy skies and sharp sleet. It shifts to a cold violet.

swatch ff stormsteel 2swatch ff stormsteel 3swatch ff stormsteel 4swatch ff stormsteel 5swatch ff stormsteel 6swatch ff stormsteel 7


swatch ff shadowsong bottleswatch ff shadowsong 1

I feel like purple shimmers are always the smoothest and most ghostly, and this polish is no exception. This one seemed to tint the white base a touch yellow when used as a topper, as opposed to when it is worn on its own.

swatch ff shadowsong 2swatch ff shadowsong 3swatch ff shadowsong 4swatch ff shadowsong 5swatch ff shadowsong 6swatch ff shadowsong 7

The holographic effect is very subtle. These are truly delicate washes of color upon a soft white base.

Here’s the direct link to this collection: https://femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/product-tag/gemstone-sparks/

Femme Fatale Cosmetics’s general site: https://femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/


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