Bee’s Knees Lacquer: 7 Wonders

Bee's Knees Lacquer, PR, Regular release

*Disclosure: PR samples- I received these polishes free of charge in exchange for photography.*

Release: 1 November 2019

7 polishes

A collection of jelly polishes packed with UP/UP sibling shimmers inspired by TV series American Horror Story

This collection is absolutely amazing, and I do not hesitate to say it is among the best collections released in 2019. These shades are especially suited to warm skintones/POC. I include comparisons to previously-released BKL shades wherever possible.


swatch bkl telekinesis 1swatch bkl telekinesis 2swatch bkl telekinesis 3swatch bkl telekinesis 4bcomparison bkl telekinesis


swatch bkl concilium 1swatch bkl concilium 2swatch bkl concilium 3swatch bkl concilium 4


swatch bkl pyrokinesis 1swatch bkl pyrokinesis 2swatch bkl pyrokinesis 3comparison bkl pyrokinesis 2


swatch bkl divination 1cswatch bkl divination 2aswatch bkl divination 3swatch bkl divination 4b


swatch bkl transmutation 1swatch bkl transmutation 2aswatch bkl transmutation 3swatch bkl transmutation 4swatch bkl transmutation 5

Vitalum Vitalis

swatch bkl vitalum vitalis 1aswatch bkl vitalum vitalis 2swatch bkl vitalum vitalis 3swatch bkl vitalum vitalis 4


swatch bkl descensum 1swatch bkl descensum 2swatch bkl descensum 3swatch bkl descensum 4acomparison bkl descensum

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